You’ll Be Able To Scream-Sing Along To “Moana” In Theaters Soon

If you’ve seen Moana, you know that it’s full of really catchy tunes that you no doubt went home and scream-sang in the shower. Maybe you really loved a song called “How Far I’ll Go” and learned it in 24 different languages. Maybe you know every lyric to a song called “You’re Welcome.” Or maybe other song called “Shiny” is more your jam.

Well, great news: No matter what your fave Moana song is, soon you’ll be able to sing it in theaters at the top of your lungs! A sing-along version of the film is being released on Jan. 27 in more than 2,000 theaters nationwide. And if you don’t have all the lyrics memorized yet, worry not – the sing-along version includes on-screen lyrics. So feel free to belt out every line of “How Far I’ll Go” with zero shame.

[Via, Image Source]: buzzfeed

Scream-Sing Along To “Moana” In Theaters Will Release Soon.

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