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There various animals who are exceptionally of opposite nature however in some cases they are viewed as playing together. They are seen as getting friendly to each other as well as if you are enthusiastic about understanding this distinct relationship, you can follow the link. Here in this link, you are going to discover the animals with precisely opposite nature, getting closer to each other and they are playing together. There are different realities about the animal friendliness, you might discover in your day-to-days live. This link exposes a few of the photos of various type of animal friendliness. So take a look at Really stunning unlikely animal friendships immediately.

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Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Melt Your Heart

1. Bubbles the African Elephant and Bella the Black Labrador

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Despite the extreme difference in size, Bubbles the elephant and Bella the black lab have become great friends. Bubbles was brought to a safari reserve in the U.S. after she was rescued from ivory poachers in Africa, while Bella was left there by a contractor for the park. The two are great to see together, especially when Bella uses Bubbles as a diving board!

2. Bea the Giraffe and Wilma the Ostrich

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Bea and Wilma have become great friends during their time together at Busch Gardens in the U.S. The two share a huge 65-acre enclosure, so they aren’t forced to spend time together – they do so willingly.

3. Tinni the Dog and Sniffer the Wild Fox

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Tinni the dog and Sniffer the wild fox have been the best of friends since they met in the forests of Norway. Torgeir Berge, Tinni’s owner, does what he can to keep up and photograph the pair as they play in the woods.

4. Torque the Dog and Shrek the Owl

unusual-animal-friendship-2-1 unusual-animal-friendship-2-2

Torque adopted Shrek the owl chick when he was just 6 months old himself. Shrek was removed from his mother’s care because handlers were afraid that she might eat him when stressed. He’s doing great now, and the two have become inseparable pals.

5. Fred the Labrador and Dennis the Duckling

unusual-animal-friendship-4-1 unusual-animal-friendship-4-2

Things were looking grim for Dennis the duckling when his mother had been mauled by a fox. Fred the Labrador and his owner Jeremy, however, found and rescued Dennis. Dennis and Fred have been buddies ever since. Fred apparently has a big heart, because it’s not the first time he’s helped take care of an orphan – he once adopted a baby deer as well.

6. Mabel the Chicken and the Puppies

unusual-animal-friendship-5-1 unusual-animal-friendship-5-2

After being saved from the pot due to a foot injury, Mable found a new wonder when she was moved into her owners’ home – puppies! For some reason, the year-old hen has taken to roosting on the puppies and keeping them warm while their mother prefers the yard. Go figure!

7. Milo the Dog and Bonedigger the Lion

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Milo the tiny dachshund took Bonedigger the lion cub under his wing when it was discovered that the lion was suffering from a metabolic bone disease that left him disabled. Five years later, the 500 pound lion is still the best of buddies with the 11-pound dachshund and his two compatriots, Bullet and Angel.

8. Cat and the Fox

unusual-animal-friendship-7-1 unusual-animal-friendship-7-2 unusual-animal-friendship-7-3

This curious pair was spotted playing by fishermen on the shore of Lake Van in Turkey. Not much is known beyond the fact that they’re very cute and very playful.

9. Shere Khan, Baloo and Leo

unusual-animal-friendship-11-1 unusual-animal-friendship-11-2 unusual-animal-friendship-11-3

The tale of Shere Khan the tiger, Baloo the bear and Leo the lion is truly touching. The three of them were rescued together from a drug dealer who had abused them extensively. Baloo even needed surgery to remove a harness that had grown into his skin and caused deformities – the owner had never bothered to adjust it. Because of what they’ve suffered together, the three friends are now inseparable. They are under the care of the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in the U.S.

10. Mani the Wild Boar Piglet and Candy the Dog

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