I Have Evening Meal In Hogwarts Great Hall Set

Years ago,, Harry Potter has been a favourable reputation in my lifetime. During my teenaged years I got a really challenging time in school with bullies, works out if you take dye your hair glowing blue at FIFTEEN, you receive suffering, But looking at the books showed a entire world for me, anywhere you want I could get away from, and be part of the excursions; So I leaped at the possibility to have Christmas dinner time in the Great Hall set at Warner Brothers studio tour London!

Folks stated, the Great Hall set at Warner Brothers studio tour London! Anyway, the tickets were not so cheap. It’s about £220, so not cheap but the thing is, there is no experience like it. Lets have it!

[Via, Image Source]: boredpanda

the Great Hall Set at Warner Brothers Studio Tour London!

Such a friendly group of people on my table

They were all accountants and lawyers – and then there’s me, an artist!

Trestle tables loaded for a feast

Excited much!

Many people were cosplaying, but I just went with looking a bit magical, my bag was a little nod as it looked like a Howler letter.
Had a real flower crown made to match my dress – I feel like some kind of real-life Instagram filter!

The place was all decked out for Christmas – and I couldn’t wait!

Opening the doors to the Great Hall…

Took my breath away!

Everyone gets a wand – I chose Hermione’s. She’s such a badass and I admire her determination


Practicing our wand skills – Lumos!

The doors of the Great Hall flew open, and these threatening lot entered our sanctuary

Giving me evils…

We battled to regain control

Don’t worry, I left him stunned, not dead.

We defeated the death eaters and peace reigned down once again

The only disappointment of the night was the food… which is actually quite an important part for me (I love my food)

Now I knew I probably wouldn’t be that well catered for because I’m vegan (yep, one of those weirdos ;)) but the starter was just a few bits of lettuce… although for the main, I think I had better than the meat eaters!
The smoked staked aubergine was delicious, but the serving was so small, and it didn’t really fill me up.

Time to leave the Great Hall – But on to the rest of the studio tour!

The Griffindor common room looked to cosy

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all glamour – I’m drying my phone after I dropped it in the sink

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