Extremely Incredible Monsters Pictures.

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[Via, Image Source]: boredpanda.com

Extremely Incredible Monsters Pictures.


I have a fondness for anything fantasy related or anything that doesn’t exist in reality,” Damon Hellandbrand told Bored Panda, “and mythology certainly has that in spades


I think also because those were some of the first stories I remember as a child in school that they just stuck with me


I basically took what I knew the signs represented in terms of their name (i.e. Cancer = Crab, Leo = Lion, Pisces = Fish etc). and proceeded to illustrate them as human/animal hybrids


I did this by doing a black and white pencil drawing on paper and then scanning the illustration into a drawing/painting program called Corel Painter to color and paint


I didn’t do as much research on these symbols as I should have and I’ve gotten a lot of responses as such, so needless to say I’ll be making a few new pieces to redeem myself








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