Dude Has The Worst Moment Hanging Around Celebs

Funny Right! I think so! It’s actual amusing when I first look at all these pics. It is actually going viral like crazy!

If you think being around superstars is fantastic, think twice! Average Rob realizes first hand it isn’t all sunshines and rainbows.

[Via, Image Source]: boredpanda

1. When You Hate The People You Work For

2. Beyoncé!!! Can You Hear Me?! Okay! Can You Bring My Hello Kitty Waterwings With You When You’re Done? Mom Told Me I Couldn’t Go Swimming Without Them

3. When You’ve Got The Shittiest Job At The White House

4. Star Wars Viii: The Stormtrooper Awakens. What The Hell Happened Last Night?!

5. Sunday Gardening Is The Worst

6. Do You Mind? I’m About To Release The Kraken

7. Epic Split Gone Wrong With Logan Paul

8. Guys Guys Guys! Stop Posing And Help Me!

9. Good Training Today Guys! Mowing The Football Field Went Slower Than I Thought, Almost Finished!

10. When I Told Jennifer About My Horsephobia, She Took Me For A Ride To Get Over My Fear. Worst Idea Ever Jenni. You’re A Terrible Friend

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