15+ Smart Birthmarks Cover Up On Tattoos

There is absolutely no doubt that birth marks make people self aware. Nevertheless, with their styles, all these tattooists really helped people cover on their original birth marks and also to restore some much needed self-confidence, displaying that imperfections – tattoos or not – are what the hack make us all gorgeous.

However the tattooists didn’t only coverup the birthmarks but they worked well to incorporate all of them as a living part of the body tattoo; whether or not it be a basketball, part of a bloom, or a map of an imaginary world! If you really enjoyed this article, please kindly to take a look at our earlier article where we presented on “Extremely Perfect Artistic Tattoos”.

[Via, Image Source]: boredpanda

The Beautiful of Birthmarks Cover Up On Tattoos.

1. Birthmark Transformed Into An Owl

2. Woolly Birthmark. This Tattoo Grows Hair

3. Guy Transformed His Birthmark Into A Map Of An Imaginary World By Drawing Around It With A Pen

4. Life Story In Birthmark

5. Tattoo Covering An Extensive Port Wine Stain Birthmark

6. My Pacman Tattoo

7. Turtle Birthmark Improvement

8. Birthmark Turned Into Art

9. Cookie Birthmark Just Asked For Cookie Monster Tattoo


10. Hippo Birthmark Got A Nice Pond To Drink From And Some Trees For Shade

11. Watercolour Rose Over An Old Birthmark Scar

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