10+ Wonder Queens Upon The Catwalk Vs Real Life

It goes with out stating that natural beauty queens are, well, gorgeous. However as you can certainly notice from the photos listed below, they are possibly more gorgeous when they are certainly not on the catwalk. Magnificence contests just like Miss World and Miss Universe often involve the participants to put on amazing portions of make-up and clothing in several eye-capturing outfits but we are confident you will still recognize that these girls look so much better in the pictures taken from their real lifestyles.

The listing of pics involves attractiveness queens from numerous nations around the world such as The Philippines, Spain, Colombia and Venezuela. Which one do you believe looks the very best? Let us understand in the comments down below and do not ignore to share!

[Via, Image Source] : boredpanda.com

10+ Wonder Queens Upon The Catwalk Vs Real Life

1. Megan Young (Philippines), Miss World 2013

2. Paulina Vega (Colombia), Miss Universe 2014

3. Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Miss Universe 2008

4. Riyo Mori (Japan), Miss Universe 2007

5. Leila Lopes (Angola), Miss Universe 2011

6. Azra Akin (Turkey), Miss World 2002

7. Olivia Culpo (USA), Miss Universe 2012

8. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Philippines), Miss Universe 2015

9. Natalie Glebova (Canada), Miss Universe 2005

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